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    You build it, we brand it

    A product catalog re-imagined as custom published lifestyle magazine let buyers see the possibilities in a whole new light.

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    A road more traveled

    A website generating 50,000 unique visitors per month was only the beginning for Ohio’s Amish Country.

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    Manufacturing your brand

    Talk like an engineer: Technical writing and innovative graphics that demonstrate product benefits with clarity and conviction.

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    A handshake that differentiates

    Brand messaging that expresses an idea inherent and memorable: It clicks with your target market, clarifies and endures.

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    Pop off the shelf? We do that.

    Fresh new graphics for Mids positioned the product, protected the price and jumpstarted sales.

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    Funding the wild side

    A magical evening in the woods supported by event PR and graphic design for the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Finding the right marketing team can make a huge difference to the success of your customer communications. It depends on 5 criteria, 4 axis points and your personal sense of the market.

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To expedite your search, this site addresses the issues to consider, beginning with “5 Criteria for Your Agency Search.” Think every agency is the same? Don’t believe it for a second. The differences are at the four axis points of Staff, Clients, Case Studies, and Specialties.

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Where is Kleidon? Where print plays well with social, mobile, SEO and search marketing. Where you can buy the whole package or select the services you need — marketing plans and strategy, design and writing for print and web, public relations and publishing. For B2B & B2C.

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  1. InfoGraphics

    Digital World Map

    The whole world has NOT gone digital, but a good slice of it has. Here’s how we see it shaping up today.

    Digital World Map
  2. QuickFacts

    Who Are the Affluent?

    “Who Are the Affluent” provides a foundation for discussions about reaching the market segment responsible for 60% of all purchases in the country.

  3. WhitePapers

    Developing a Logo & Trademark

    This white paper demystifies the process of designing a logo, the key to a successful new product launch, rebranding or corporate identity.

    White Papers
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    A newsletter for quick consumption

    Marketing Thought-Bites is a bright, brief way to stay on top of trends and ideas in marketing communications. Also news of the firm, website launches, new hires and personal tidbits.